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The FES Sudan Office was officially established in 1976. Pursuant to the global FES mandate, it promotes the values of social democracy such as peace, democracy, human rights, and just socio-economic development. The work of FES in Sudan is financed by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Additionally, FES Sudan receives project-specific funding from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AA) and from other third-party donors such as the EU.

      "International cooperation is far too important to be left to governments alone." Willy Brandt

The FES in Sudan strives to enable societal groups to articulate their interests by strengthening their capacities to participate in social and political discourses. Fostering gender equality is of particular significance in this process. We support activities of Sudanese partners of all regional, cultural and social origins, and cooperate with governmental institutions, universities, trade unions, media institutions, and civil society organizations.


Officially established in 1976, the FES promotes peace, democracy, social justice, gender equality, and human rights in collaboration with a broad range of Sudanese non-governmental and governmental partners. Since the revolution of 2019, it supports the efforts of civil society partners and the transitional government in bringing reforms and working towards democratic elections.


The activities of FES Sudan aim at promoting democracy, good governance, and the political participation of the civil society. Cross-cutting issues are social justice and gender equality as well as at contributing to.


FES Sudan cooperates with a wide range of local partners, including from the civil society and the political sphere. It supports its partners in their endeavors and itself offers platforms for dialogue and debate, organizes conferences and workshops, and publishes policy papers on current Sudanese issues.

The focus of our work

  • Providing democratic and civic education.
  • Building the capacities of civil society actors through workshops and forums.
  • Building the capacities of democratically organized trade unions and parties close to the social democratic values of FES.
  • Increasing the political participation and the involvement of youth and women by promoting social justice and gender equality.
  • Providing information and assistance to decision-makers through consultation and knowledge-transfer.
  • Providing a platform for creative, political and civil society actors to engage in a constructive dialogue.
  • Providing public analyses and research papers on current Sudanese issues.

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Project areas

Promoting democratization

Promoting democratization

FES in Sudan has been promoting the values of social democracy, political pluralism, and good governance for many years. More

Empowering youth

Empowering youth

Promoting the participation of youth in public decision making processes has long since been a crucial part of FES activities in Sudan. FES educates young people on political, social, and economic challenges. More

Strengthening civil society

Strengthening civil society

FES Sudan strives to enable societal groups of all regional, cultural and social origins to articulate their interests and participate in public life. More

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What comes after the revolution?

What comes after the revolution?

Two years after the overthrow of al-Bashir, Sudan's political transition is still extremely volatile — and needs more targeted international support. An interview with Philipp Jahn & Gerrit Kurtz in the IPS-Journal. More

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