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Since many years, FES in Sudan promotes democracy and supports capacity building of the Sudanese civil society towards a stronger participation in decision making processes. FES Sudan strives to enable societal groups of all regional, cultural and social origins in Sudan to articulate their interests by strengthening their capacities to participate in public life. Fostering gender equality and gender justice are of particular significance in this process.

„Democracy needs democrats.” Friedrich Ebert

The main objectives are to improve civil society networking and political participation. The process of political transition is supported by expert workshops, seminars and trainings on a broad range of topics such as constitutional development, social justice, peace and democratic elections.

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Learning material for Civil Society Organisations (by FES Syria)

Learning material for Civil Society Organisations (by FES Syria)

Find out more about the materials on the FES Syria website. More

Academy for Social Democracy

Academy for Social Democracy

The Academy for Social Democracy is an advisory and educational resource of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation for people interested in and committed to politics. We offer the opportunity to reflect and learn about core... More

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