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FES in Sudan has been promoting the values of social democracy, political pluralism, and good governance for many years. Since the revolution of 2019, the fall of the oppressive al-Bashir regime and the beginning of a several year transition under a joint civilian and military interim government, strengthening political parties and working towards democratic elections has become another focus. Towards these goals FES is organizing expert workshops and debate forums on a broad range of topics such as constitutional development, political party reform, social justice, peace, and democratic elections. One of its projects in this regard is the yearly School of Social Democracy, a several day camp for young Sudanese from civil society, parties, and governmental institutions. Fostering gender equality and gender justice are cross-cutting issues of FES’ work.

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 Programs professionalizing parties and trade unions

Programs professionalizing parties and trade unions

In line with other fields of its work, FES is supporting Sudanese parties ahead of planned democratic elections after the revolution and transitional period. It also aims at supporting trade unions as an important part... More

Regional Trade Union Program
Regional project

Regional Trade Union Program

Trade unions have played an important political role during the political unrest and following the overthrow of the country's rulers. In Tunisia and Egypt, the workers in the factories had gone on strike during the... More

Academy for Social Democracy
Advisory and educational resource

Academy for Social Democracy

The Academy for Social Democracy is an advisory and educational resource of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation for people interested in and committed to politics. We offer the opportunity to reflect and learn about core... More

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Economic Policies for Social Justice

Economic Policies for Social Justice

Social Justice with its political and economic relevance are at the core of politics in the Arab world today. The uprisings of 2010/11, while not bringing about lasting political change to the region, have nonetheless exposed the ultimate need for political and especially economic reforms. More

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