Strengthening civil society

FES Sudan strives to enable societal groups of all regional, cultural and social origins in Sudan to articulate their interests and participate in public life. To such civil society actors, FES Sudan offers platforms for constructive dialogue and networking opportunities as well as trainings and other forms of capacity building. It also supports its partners by helping with the development of project proposals, by funding projects as well as by linking partners in with other donors. FES partners are working on issues such as transitional justice, public budget monitoring, gender equality, social reforms, or youth empowerment. Find a select list under Partners

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Program supporting democratic competition ahead of elections

Program supporting democratic competition ahead of elections

In a two year program funded by the European Union (EU), FES in Sudan works with five universities in Khartoum and Port Sudan in order to help students understand democratic processes and the importance of their... More

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Political Feminism

Political Feminism

There is no social justice without gender justice and there is no gender justice without socio-political and economic reforms. How can feminists in the MENA region drive these reforms, or at the very least, how can feminist perspectives be better integrated into them? More