Program supporting democratic competition ahead of elections

In a two year program funded by the European Union (EU), FES in Sudan works with five universities in Khartoum and Port Sudan in order to help students understand democratic processes and the importance of their participation in the elections currently planned for 2023. While the youth has been a major force behind the revolution of 2019 after decades of an oppressive regime, it is underrepresented in the actual transition and policy making processes. The project aims at enabling especially young first time voters to participate in the planned elections in a well informed and critical manner and to formulate and voice their demands clearly in front of parties and governmental institutions, challenging the latter to actively take into account what future generations want and need from them. The overarching idea is to strengthen the principle of democratic competition ahead of the elections.

„Democracy needs democrats.” Friedrich Ebert

The project activities in more detail

  • Workshops will provide civic and political education.
  • Through studies the project will gather information on the scope and thrust of political interests among young Sudanese and offer recommendations on youth policy needs.
  • Participants are encouraged to multiply what they have learned by inviting fellow students or other young target groups for own civic / political education initiatives, supported with funds and expertise by FES and EU.